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Mfoniso Udofia is a playwright and an actor. I saw her play, Sojourners last year and was floored. The play so powerfully captured the anxieties of the immigrant experience. Her plays, Sojourners and Her Portmanteau recently opened at the New York Theatre Workshop. Her work captures perfectly the scars, ghosts and profound costs of immigration. Read more →

Visit The Dye Pits of Kano

I am planning a trip to Nigeria at the moment and so excited to plan my itinerary. I am  a “dye-nerd”, obsessed with the ingenuity that transforms plain white canvas through basic chemistry into a cacophony of design manipulating color and negative space to create a unique piece of art. And consumed by the history of dyeing in Nigeria, this research led me to the famous Kofar Mata Dye Pits.
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The weekend is most colorful in Lagos. It bubbles with parties – birthdays, graduations, child dedications, weddings, naming ceremonies, anniversaries, award shows and many more.  Lagosians relish the opportunity to celebrate just about anything and all these celebrations render the city a cacophony of high style, color and energy. The outfits take everything to the next level.  Both men and women are in uniform, of sorts, although these uniforms defy everything we have ever thought of uniforms.  Read more →

Lagos is a complex, chaotic, seemingly impenetrable city. It is a city with a fierce reputation, a cacophony of sound, color, and people. Yet, beneath Lagos’s frantic surface is a rich, dynamic place with so much to offer the adventurous visitor. A great Lagos day for the casual visitor may begin at Oba Elegushi Market (also known as “Lekki Market”). The market is a bit like Africa. From the outside, it may appear poor, unkempt and pitiable. But like the pretty woman Africa is, the deeper you go into the market, the more of her beauty you get to discover. Read more →

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