About Busayo....
We are radically passionate about traditional African textiles and tradition. Our intention with each garment sold is to provide to each customer a gorgeous garment and an understanding of the tradition and history behind our work. Our work is derived from a tradition of fabric making called Adire from Southwestern Nigeria. Each garment is handdyed and represents the amazing artistic offerings of brilliant artisans that we work with. We are so excited to share this work with you !
Busayo Olupona Founder and Creative Director

We started Busayo for several reasons, to create colorful, bright African inspired prints that celebrate the diversity of African fabrics, the complexity and dynamism of these textiles and the infinitely possibilities inherent in this work. Our time is now, and we intend to radically transform understanding of these textiles traditions. Through our work we celebrate the craft of these textiles and the amazing and limitless possibilities. 

We would love to connect with each of you. Please feel free to reach out through email or phone: busayo@busayonyc.com or alternatively, give us a call at (347) 560-9161.

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